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Welcome at Hectronic.

Intelligent products from Hectronic stand for innovation in parking and refuelling technology -
from the single product to the complete solution.


12.01.2017 | Top Class Fuelling Station for Coop


Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest retailers and wholesalers, recently opened its largest logistics centre in Schaffisheim. Any logistics centre of this type naturally needs a modern and intelligent fuelling station for Coop’s...

14.12.2016 | We are a Training Ace - Bronze for HeDu


We are now one of the best training companies in Germany!

We`ve made it! Hectronic and Dunkermotoren secured the third place in the category of industry, trade and services for their training cooperation HeDu. Overhappy and...

29.11.2016 | HeDu goes to Berlin - and that not only once but twice!


We are among Germany`s best training companies!

The HeDu training co-operation of the Hectronic and Dunkermotoren companies has won over 200 competitors and convinces with its unique training concept in Germany. Thus, we are not...

15.11.2016 | Employees honoured for long-term service


To mark their 25, and in some cases even 40 years of service to the company, Hectronic invited its six employees celebrating their work anniversary to a small, convivial ceremony in the Schwarzwaldhof Niklas Hotel in Holzschlag....

24.10.2016 | VIP Status for PetroPoint Tag in France


An excellent interim result for Hectronic France. A total of 25,000 tags have so far been installed in vehicles throughout all of France. It is hence undeniable that the AVR PetroPoint System is also enjoying increasing...

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